The Creative Director


Frustrated. Confused with all the available invitation options. Need someone to guide you in making your invitation vision come to life. I completely understand, I was in your position 10 years ago and look forward to getting your from point A to B without the stress.

My team and I are looking forward to working on transforming your invitation vision into a reality, with our easy process. We are here to help you design your invitations, print, assembly, stuff, stamp, and shipped them to you to review and mail.


Welcome to my little sweet spot. This is where I get to introduce myself to you! My name is Nikisha and I am the wonderful lady who makes sure your vision comes to life for your custom invitations. Here is a little tidbit about me:

I am a wife and mother of two little girls ages 2.5 and 5 years old (I ask myself the same question, how does she run a successful business, raise two little ones, and take care of her husband, lol). I relocated from the BIG APPLE, New York City to a small town aka suburbia in New Jersey called New Providence (yes, I love it here). As a new suburban business owner and mom, I am fully engaged in all the normal activities, meeting wonderful hardworking moms in town, being an active PTA mom (just co-chaired the largest fundraiser, Spring Fling and it was a hit, YES!) and taking care of all my awesome, yes awesome, clients from New Jersey to California (we are national baby). To sum it up, I love what I do and I love being a family woman, is it perfect, heck no, but it is possible and that is what i live for, possibilities (that's why I know your vision of your special invitations are possible).

NOW enough about me!

Let's chat about Inviting Treasures and how I embarked on this journey (yes, a 8 year journey and counting and it has been challenging but GREAT.) I have my MBA and MPH (yes, that was another journey and another story for another time), I started out in the medical field, but realized after all my work experiences, medicine wasn't the BEST place for me, a family woman. So somehow it dawned on me, I wanted to develop my creative side (I had been showing signs but was nervous because it wasn't my history). I had friends in the industry and after speaking to them, I learned a way to start and it was with Carlson Craft (CC) pre-desiged invitations. As time went by, I realize CC limited my capabilities and I started to mold my creative side by taking graphic design courses. Today, I love working with my clients and designing elegant, clean, modern, and "pop" features in my clients custom invitations.

Hope I didn't bore you and thanks for stopping by!