When to start your wedding invitations?


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I know you're very busy with planning your wedding, working and trying to keep your head above water. 

As your invitation specialist, I want to make sure I'm here to guide you and make the invitation process easy.

With your wedding checklist almost complete, above is a great guide to use to estimate when to start your invitations. Of course, you can start when you get to it, but if you want this process to be easy and stress-free this timeline offers time to ensure all goes well. 

Wedding invitations will take between 3 - 6 weeks overall.

If you order Semi-custom, they will take around 3 weeks, if your order complete custom, it will take around 6 weeks.

    Therefore, start your invitations  4 months before your wedding date. 

    For example, if your wedding date is May 23rd, your timeline would look like this:

    • Consultation - Jan. 2nd
    • Book us on - Jan. 6th
    • Receive your invitations - Feb. 21st
    • Send invitations to your guests - Feb. 24th
    • Set the RSVP Date - March 27th
    • Work on the Seating Chart, Place Cards, etc. - March 27th
    • Provide final numbers to venue, florist, catering, etc. - April 4th
    • Start Wedding Day Stationery (menus, place cards, etc.) - April 11th
    • Have everything completed by May 12th
    • Wedding Date - May 23rd

    Working within this timeline provides time for things to go smoothly and for invitations to come out perfect!

    Thanks for allowing us a chance to chat with you and have a beautiful week.

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